Comic 1 - The Doctor is in
3rd Mar 2012, 5:31 PM
The Doctor is in
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Welcome to Level 30 Psychiatry. After 11 months in development hopefully it's been worth the wait.

I'm the writer and webmaster... or web-kinda-knows-what-he's-doing-guy. If you had to ask the idea for this comic came from doing a more typical game webcomic and realising how insane your typical game character is.

Many thanks to GigaNerd17 for doing the artwork and to TheMightyBox for doing the coloring on later ones.

GigaNerd17 edit delete
Yo! GigaNerd17 here! Me and Guybrush (and Box -- you'll meet him later) have been working on this for nearly a year now, and we're quite proud to present Level 30 Psychiatry to the world! I'm resident artist here, so if you've got complaints or critiques concerning the artwork, lay it out on me rather than my associates. Not that you can't bash Guybrush and Box... ;)

Anyways, this one's got two easter eggs that I snuck in behind Guybrush's back -- Otacon's reading BitF (properly known as "Brawl in the Family"), an amazing webcomic mainly about Kirby, Smash Bros., and Nintendo. The three of us actually met each other on the BitForums, so without the talented Matthew Taranto and his pal Chris, we wouldn't be here today!

The second one involves Gardevoir's favorite food: Sandviches. Back when I first volunteered to do art for Level 30, Guybrush offered to pay me for my work in TF2 items. I didn't play TF2 back then and, at time of writing, I still don't, but it was a cute offer! I decided to honor the beginnings of our partnership by interpreting Guybrush's request of "Gardevoir eats human food" as "Gardevoir's favorite food is Sandviches."

Oh, and did you know that it was actually me, not Guybrush, who came up with the name "Level 30 Psychiatry"? Yeah. GigaNerd is credit to team!
TheMightyBox edit delete
Hey! Hey Giga, that's MY line. What gives you the right to say Yo as an introduction? Now I'll have to think of something else.
Anyways, sup population of the internets, I am TheMightyBox, resident colorist. Now, for those of you who don't know, the colorist takes the lineart that the artist (Giga) produces, and adds color and shading. This means, not only am I responsible for every drop of color that isn't black, and sometimes is, it means I am literally the only one on the team that cannot add little easter eggs in mid-production, aside from maybe, like, a watermark or something. I actually didn't color this page, or the next couple pages, see, way back when this comic was first thought up, Giga originally did all the art and coloring, but that took way too long, and he's got enough crap going on right now. So, meanwhile I put out a drawing portraying possibly the worst swords ever created, but I absolutely LOVED the job I did coloring it, so it got me thinking, maybe I could become a colorist on something, get my awesome coloring stuff out, while not having to torture myself with bad lineart. And then Giga said that he and Guy had been thinking about getting a colorist and I was all "Holy ****!" So that's why the coloring here is terrible, I mean different.
As an extra tidbit, I also write a ongoing, yet currently on hiatus, youtube series, The Video Game Rap Battle Tournament, so look that up. I'm allowed to advertise things in the comments cause I'm the ****ing colorist. Funnily enough, the voices are (mostly) done by Giga, so that's cool.
And that's all I have to say, uh, tip your waitresses, your taxi drivers and everyone you can find with a tip jar. Unless they suck. Peace.
User comments:
saintsalive edit delete reply
I like it! :D
Nap1400 (Guest) edit delete reply
About time. Sweet work, can't wait to see where this goes.

How often do you think you'll update this? Just so I know what day to check back.
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
On Saturdays
TheMightyBox edit delete reply
It'd probably be a good idea to put that in, like, the banner, or something.
DryKirby64 (Guest) edit delete reply
So, now I can comment on this again. I have to say, everyone works in unison very well.

If you don't remember me, I'm that guy who came up with the Waddle Dee comic and a few others...

I'm working on a guest comic regarding the Waddle Dee, and I'll let you know when I finish.
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
Hey, nice to see you again, DryKirby! (have you ever noticed that your initials spell DK64?) The Waddle Dee comic's probably the next one we're gonna complete, so expect to see it in full-fledged blazing glory in a few months!

But seriously, I must thank you again for that amazing idea. Great stuff, man! :D
DryKirby64 (Guest) edit delete reply
(Yeah, I know)

I guess if you're doing the Waddle Dee comic, I'll make a new one. I was thinking Classic Sonic.
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
That doesn't mean you can't do the Waddle Dee comic yourself, too! We always appreciate fanart! ;)
DryKirby64 (Guest) edit delete reply
Speaking of fanart, just want to say I finished a guest comic. Should I email it to you?
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
Sure thing! You know where to e-mail to?
DryKirby64 (Guest) edit delete reply
...No. ._.
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
Seeing as you're on BitF you can send it to any of us through a PM there. You can also register a comic fury account and then PM it to us but that'd be unesseary.
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
...Actually, that might be necessary. DryKirby was banned from the forums because he was under 13, remember?

So I guess you can just make a quick ComicFury account and PM it to Guybrush.
DryKirby64 edit delete reply
@Guybrush: Nope, I got banned. Why do you think I never update anymore? :p

@Giga: Done and done.
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
I wondered. Guess I should keep a closer eye on stuff.
MyNameIsNull edit delete reply
i guess that means im lucky. i turned 13 a couple months ago!
Meta-Mind (Guest) edit delete reply
Glad you've got your own site now. I think this is an intresting idea, and I liked where you went with your scripts...

Yeah, I'll watch this one.
Chicken Rider (Guest) edit delete reply
Putting it on speed dial.
IanTannerChristensen edit delete reply
the beginning in a, so far, amazing comic strip. I speak from the future.
Weegee (Guest) edit delete reply
Well this comic seems off to a great start guys :D keep up the good work!
LooeyQ edit delete reply
Whoooa!! This is like the ultimate video game cross over comic!!!! Subbed!!!
Leafbarrett (Guest) edit delete reply
This is instant win just for having a Gardevoir as a main character, and once more for having pretty much every other video game character. I'll just see where this goes from here.
Ultragamer42 edit delete reply
I'm surprised nobody made the half-immature joke of
"Gardevoir has a delicious.... Sandvich."
Weird Oregonian (Guest) edit delete reply
This is very promising. Sanity doesn't work with video game characters?
Losstride (Guest) edit delete reply
Here I go again. Another webcomic to read through. This one has an interesting premise.

Does Ellis really need therapy? He always seemed like such a happy guy to me. Just get him a parrot.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
that meme tho
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
No, it's a very popular meme.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
This is where the magic began... Really has gone a long way from here. COngratulations, to all of you :)
eekee edit delete reply
Oh, I've got to read this! I'm not much of a gamer *because* the characters and the things they have to do are so often crazy enough to weird me out. And/or criminal enough...