Dr. Gardevoir

First Appearance: Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire 2002

A pokemon that taught herself to talk and now puts its communicative ability and empathic nature to good use, fixing the emotional problems of the angsty JRPG protagonists and rage-filled male power fantasy types that surround her, or at the very least trying. She’s patient (except with Ellis), understanding (except with Ellis), and willing to listen for a nominal fee of $20 an hour ($50 if you’re Ellis).


First Appearance: Megaman 1987 

A ridiculously human looking robot that started, owns, and for the most part runs the entirety of the MM Memorial Hospital, both its medical and psychiatric ward. She a kind and caring soul(?), but if she’s not talking during her off time (which mostly includes commuting and sleeping) then she’s probably buried under a pile of paperwork in her office, but being a robot designed for working who can calculate the poké to zenny exchange rate as easily as she can beat a dark god into submission using nothing but a broom (that is, very easily), she doesn’t seem to be too affected by it.



First Appearance: Pokémon Red/Blue 1995

 She got her start in the Pokemon Center of Fuchsia City, and since the VG Cataclysm has risen the ranks and become MM Memorial’s head nurse. And she earned such a position too, capable of dealing with the most obscure RPG’s most substandard status effects to the gruesome injuries that Space Marines receive serving on the front lines armed with nothing but a pair of chainsaws and their own two fists. The only thing she’s yet to master is the English language, which sometimes hampers communications.

Roger Wilco

First Appearance: Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter 1986

Roger Wilco was a janitor. And then an epic space hero. And then a janitor again. And really it kind of fluctuated from there. He’s currently found himself in the janitor phase again, cleaning up the funniest of gorey remains from the hospital’s occasional horrific accident, and 80% of the time they’re his own. But what else could happen when you combine one of gaming’s most death-ridden characters with such standard conventions as the one-up. Accompanying him on his latest quest is his trusty narrator, armed with quips and puns, a powerful mop, from which’s wrath only the mightiest of stains may escape, and some very, very deep pockets.



First Appearance: Pokémon: Black/White 2010

The newest (well, third newest) trainee nurse with an entirely accurate name. Audino is a very innocent type who very occasionally messes up spectacularly, though whether it’s absolutely hilarious or positively heart-wrenching depends on the situation. Still, she always tries her hardest to do the right thing, so it’s hard to get too mad at her. Right?

Black Mage & White Mage

First Appearance: Final Fantasy 1987/Mario Hoops 3-on-3 2006

The newest-newest trainee nurses, this dynamic duo (originally part of a quartet) all the way from Final Fantasy 1 put their healing and elemental magics to good work. Well, decent work. Very okay-y work. I don’t think anyone’s died yet. But they’re still learning, and they have the potentially to do a vast amount of good in the crazy, crazy world they’ve been thrown into.


Glasses Gardevoir

First Appearance: Level 30 Psychiatry 2012

What happens when the only psychiatrist on the planet allows stress to manifest itself into a full on mental disorder. A very snarky and condescending split personality/hallucination apparently. Glasses Gardevoir is a being that only Gardevoir herself can see, and there’s not a lot for her to go on except her own self-diagnosis, but is she just a figment of Gardevoir’s somewhat limited imagination, or is she something more than that…


First Appearance: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger 2008

This guy is a little messed up. From what little we know about Arakune, he must have a whole slew of mental disorders, it’s hard to find a time when he’s not sitting in the waiting room. Either that or he has some poor luck, maybe he’s just never been able to get in his appointment before closing time. Either way, it’s really very sad.


More to Come?

First Appearance: ???


More to Come?

First Appearance: ???