Comic 263 - The Horror of Not-War
14th Aug 2018, 5:02 PM
The Horror of Not-War
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
"Do you believe in magic?~"

Even if Valve seems to have abandoned Team Fortress 2 in favor of selling trading cards and disguised bitcoin miners the world of Teufort always has more to give.

That's quite an all-star cast restraining Soldier there...
User comments:
DDL (Guest) edit delete reply
It was probably funny after he started firing too!
mattt (Guest) edit delete reply
i see a kirlia
Arial edit delete reply
So only the crazy people can see Glasses Kirlia...
Darius Drake (Guest) edit delete reply
I see this as evidence that Glasses Kirlia isn't a delusion or imaginary.
Darius Drake (Guest) edit delete reply
I see this as evidence that Glasses Kirlia isn't a delusion or imaginary.
Voidberry (Guest) edit delete reply
I dunno... those googles seem pretty delusional to me!
Sam (Guest) edit delete reply
Hey, it's Glasses Kirlia. Looks like she's not evolved back yet. Huh, cute.
I before A except after K (Guest) edit delete reply
As a Scout main, I can confirm that this is hilarious and I would totally do this if given the chance.
ChaosDX (Guest) edit delete reply
Pyrovision can let you see figments of other people's imaginations. Just ask Balloonicorn.
Jeremy7 edit delete reply
I just thought of something - if this is a universe consisting of a crash of EVERY gaming universe, that would include games that haven't been released/conceived at the start of the comic. But they can't show up in the comic until they're revealed. Do the new characters just show up in the universe, or are they already there, stumbling through Venatus Prime until they find some form of civilization?
JokerJay779 (Guest) edit delete reply
Also what about scrapped video game stuff? Do they exist in a special limbo or dimension? Like Bond Man is there, Dinosaur Planet, and everything that was scrapped from Crash Twinsanity? I guess Baz is one of the few who escaped.
Jeremy7 edit delete reply
That would make an epic Level 30 Psychiatry horror spinoff.
Voidberry (Guest) edit delete reply
Halloween comic?
MichaelgRook edit delete reply
the fact that it takes tifa and Zangeiff to restrain him means I've been really underestimating soldier mains