Comic 259 - Export Gaming
16th Jul 2018, 5:02 PM
Export Gaming
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Ah, the Mushroom Kingdom: where flowers turn you into the Human Torch and fungus lets you defy death, but no-one has heard of a security system.

Sorry we missed out on last week's comic. Timings with life and such just didn't work out for us.
User comments:
Sam (Guest) edit delete reply
Sonic wearing a Frog Suit, huh, imagined he'd look much different.
RazorD9 edit delete reply
Oh that last panel, haha.

Huh, Mario power ups can be pretty scary; hell, power ups in general can be a nightmare in the real world. Though if they had a more peaceful use, like the fire flower in 4th panel, then it wouldn't so bad.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Like ice flowers being used for the same purpose, or mushrooms and mega mushrooms used to help building and wrecking crews (wink wink) double cherrys could be used in wars and so some of the men can just eat one and send out the clone instead! I can’t come up with anything for a lot of the unique powers in every game like the cape feather or the golden flower and such.
Mini_coopa2 edit delete reply
sorry what, double cherries dont seperate the movement controls, so it would be ludicrously expensive to set up a suite let alone it would only be useful for one person per cherry to minimize friendly fire, like honestly double cherries are almost useless for high-end combat practices, as if it was used with any over power-ups except the super-ball flower from Super Mario Land because everything else is dangerous to your enviroment, or in the case of the mini-mushroom useless if you dont have specialized equipment, or ridiculously durable stuff.
Chansey88 (Guest) edit delete reply
Golden flowers=infinite gold! In the Mushroom Kingdom, it's not a problem, especially if you're into those theories about the abundance of coins causing inflation, so simple! Trade them for another currency!
Darius Drake (Guest) edit delete reply
Aren't they also the primary sellers of 1Up Mushrooms, or is that the Koopa Kingdom?
Minicoopa2 (Guest) edit delete reply
honestly the pikmin looks like 6X its size not the standard double
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
That’s where the mega mushrooms come in!
mattt (Guest) edit delete reply
touch fuzzy, reconsider life choices
Arial edit delete reply
“You have a problem take up with me in the cage says...”
Cage as in, wrestling? Or perhaps a certain electric battledome we know and love?