Comic 187 - Spy vs Spyware
29th Jan 2017, 5:09 PM
Spy vs Spyware
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Team Fortress 2 & Overwatch are rivals in the class shooter genre but are really different beasts when you get down to it. One major differences can be seen in the game's sneaky classes. Blizzard decided early on to have no instant kills so Sombra is more of an annoyance than a threat in most cases.

Sombra's got a lot of tools for shutting down the enemy but a hacked Soldier 76 can still shoot you while a stabbed BLU Soldier can't.

Not all bad though. Sombra's since got a speed buff on hacking so she has a better chance of hacking turrets before they shoot her.

I sudder to think what OW would be like if Sombra was like the TF2 Spy though. Meis Sombra-checking everywhere?
MyNameIsNull edit delete
Again this week, I didn't do much helping. Only thing I did do was scrapped anyway. Good job, Kobayen and Guybrush.
Drackon edit delete
Welp, figured out how to login. Didn't know that trying to do that could be so difficult. Also, sorry I couldn't help with the upload. I had no clue what I was doing. I'm not a tech guy, if you haven't already guessed by the comments below.
User comments:
Guest522 edit delete reply
Yeah because THAT is what we need, another way to make that Chinese devil even more fearsome.

Edit: Oh you shush Null. I'm sure you did your best, unlike the lazy hack doing the lineart.
Drackon edit delete reply
I actually love the lineart. It makes me think of Invader Zim.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
This only proves TF2's superiority on the genre over Overwatch. Too many characters are overwhelming, I rather stay with less but all classy and memorable Go Team Team Fortress 2!!! Overwatch is meh.

*Nice comic btw. Whispering because Im hiding from OW fans. Cant accept TF2 is better.*
MyNameIsNull edit delete reply
I honestly think OW and TF2 are about as good as each other. Each has it's perks:
OW has better graphics, more characters, and more maps, all with more features than they could have in TF2.
TF2, on the other hand, has a system that's insanely balanced, as far as characters go. The weapons system also helps customize your character, making them more powerful usually. The community can make it's own maps and host servers, and mods on those servers are acceptable. Also, hats!
CidYoshi edit delete reply
Here's my triumph card: Hat Simulator.

(This is a not so serious reply btw)
Dagon (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah, pretty much. I had no time this week, and won't for a good while. There's a local contest coming up (we've been prepping for MONTHS now), plus with the spring coming anyway, teachers are ramping up the work like crazy.
Drackon (Guest) edit delete reply
Awesome. Wrong account.
Dagon (Guest) edit delete reply
I'll be back...

As soon as I figure out how to login.
OshaliteX2 edit delete reply
I'd bet Black Mage plays a lot of both games, and shudder to think of what he might say in the voice chat.
MyNameIsNull edit delete reply
I play both games (probably too much) but I really don't do voice chat. you haven't the slightest clue of how bad my voice sounds on microphones.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I need friends on Pokemon Moon so I can evolve my Scyther. Can anyone help? My friend code is 2638-2459-2149 and my mii name is Robert
MyNameIsNull edit delete reply
I will be getting on tomorrow, and my philosophy is "why not?"
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I found someone at school who can help. Thanks anyways, though.