Comic 184 - Bountiful Tracts of Land
8th Jan 2017, 5:00 PM
Bountiful Tracts of Land
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
When Dragon's Crown released it gained a lot of controversy for it's... stylistic character designs.

Shame as it overshadowed a great throwback to the beat-em-ups of old.

Oh and Happy New Year everyone.
User comments:
TheMario360 edit delete reply
Good ol' bait and switch. XD
MyNameIsNull edit delete reply
I was eating cereal when I was told the comic didn't upload right, so I frantically rushed to the back to fix it in time. My cereal was soggy by the time I got back, so I just kinda skipped breakfast today.
I did the coloring for this one, and I believe on behalf of Kobayen and I...
R.I.P. browsing history.
Unless he already played the game, but I hadn't.
Also, sorry for no background. I made the mistake of not pre coloring it so when I was done, WM's dress was the same color as the background.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
Black Mage is the single best character in this comic and this is but another reason. I also appreciate the fact he is NOT a pervert. He is funny and creepy in a better way.

Great strip too. Love the color.
MyNameIsNull edit delete reply
Thank you!
But I have to say, the reason the colors differed from normal is because this is the first time I colored it. I had the "right" one done, but since there was Dropbox confusion, I got them mixed up.
Drackon edit delete reply
You know, I've wondered since I first saw him: which game are BM and WM from?
MyNameIsNull edit delete reply
BM and WM are two of the four (or is it 5?) playable characters in the original Final Fantasy.
Renadt (Guest) edit delete reply
Actually, 6 playable classes, but two of the most common classes picked, given that FF 1 had only 4 avatars rather than characters. The others being Red mage, Thief, Warrior, and Monk.
MyNameIsNull edit delete reply
Thanks for the correction, I always forget about monk.
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
They're from Final Fantasy 1 with the designs from Mario Hoops 3-on-3
Drackon edit delete reply
I've never played Mario Hoops. Or any of the Mario sports games, except the first of the many MvS Olympic games that have been made, and will be made. Oh, and a baseball thing at a McDonald's once. By the way, did anyone else think of Invader Zim when they saw the first panel? BM in particular looks like Zim, while WM looks like Dib's sister.
aline1 edit delete reply
it truly is a really nice hat
Guest522 edit delete reply
God dammit this lineart is so messy its like it was sketched in a hurry at two in the morning to cover a deadline that didnt exist.

MyNameIsNull edit delete reply
And that colorist? They didn't even TRY to use shading. It's like they did it while doing Algebra homework while talking to Jimmy on speaker. Also, look at those colors on BM! AND on top of all THAT, they didn't even touch the background! It's like they forgot or something. I think this colorist should be vaporized.
What do you mean it says my name?
Guest522 edit delete reply
Totally Null, went as far as stealing your name their shamelessness has no bounds.
OshaliteX2 edit delete reply
Yes. This is good. Very good.
Also, I didn't even notice any problems with the lineart/coloring until they were pointed out to me. I think it all looks great!
Guest522 edit delete reply
Oh that it does, but you'll never catch me admitting that in public.

... wait.
Objection (Guest) edit delete reply
I knew from the tone of this webcomic as a whole that the mage's comments weren't going to be about ... those.

I still laughed when I found out what his comments were about.
Do the windy thing (Guest) edit delete reply
It would funny to do a strip on Arakune meeting W. D Faster from Undertale.
Do the windy thing (Guest) edit delete reply
*facepalm* Sorry, not W. D "Faster" GASTER! Stupid autocorrect.
Guest522 edit delete reply
For a moment I thought he was painted red or somethin'.