Comic 178 - Guest Comic: ChilPhil 2
6th Mar 2016, 3:01 PM
Guest Comic: ChilPhil 2
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Midterms happened so thanks again to ChilPhil, creator of Mateys for this Guest comic.

I never played the full plants vs zombies or any of the sequels/spin-offs but I enjoyed the demo version.

Things that have happened while we were away:
- Pokemon Sun and Moon announced. YAY!
- Star Fox Zero finally has release date. Yay!
- Stardew Valley finally released. YAY!!!
- Metroid Prime Federation force's gameplay and story clarified. Yay?
- WiiU Paper Mario announced. Ya- and it's Sticker Star 2.0. NO! NO! NONONONONONONONONONONONooooo...
TheMightyBox edit delete
Man, I feel so bad for the guy presenting Fed Force.
Like, I would totally believe it's something that he wanted to make, and the backlash has gotta do something to a man's pride in his creation.
Still looks like some garbage tho, but I feel bad for him.
User comments:
area5.1 edit delete reply
My kids were playing that game earlier - it's like you read my mind!
Pablo360 edit delete reply
OshaliteX2 edit delete reply
"What did you do?"
"My job."
There should be a psychiatrist plant in PvZ that does something like this. *pushes magnet-shroom to the side*
CidYoshi edit delete reply
At least is the classic PvZ and not yhe CoD style one. And one thought JonTron talking of Legend of Zelda Modern Warfere was farfetched
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
The cruel thing is Miyamoto is basically saying "WHO LIKED THE OLD PAPER MARIO GAMES? AMIRITE?!"
JokerJay779 (Guest) edit delete reply
I still can't believe they listened to Miyamoto though when he suggested those things. I mean seriously I know the guy is admirable and stuff but still not everything he says you should do is the right way to go or a good idea.
RazorD9 edit delete reply
Maybe his life insurance will... huh, do the undead even qualify for life insurance? Bet there are a bunch of hoops to jump through.
ChilPhil edit delete reply
Ha, funny, thought! I'd think they'd have to get some type of undead insurance. :)
InfernapeK (Guest) edit delete reply
How about unlife insurance?... I have no regrets.
InfernapeK (Guest) edit delete reply
By the way, what time zone is this comment section based on, because in here it's 9:54 instead of 2:54
lunar the umbreon (Guest) edit delete reply
WOO HOO!!I cant wait for the new pokemon hame, hopefully thete will be a mega mew and a mega flygon and most importantly, new pokemon,megas, and legendaries
lunar the umbreon (Guest) edit delete reply
Sorry,got a little excited
InfernapeK (Guest) edit delete reply
Say, where's the alt-text? I haven't seen it anywhere?
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
I don't put alt text on guest comics.
ToastyWafflez (Guest) edit delete reply
What about the new Kirby game?
lunar the umbreon (Guest) edit delete reply
Guybrush,I was looking back on sinw of the comics and I notice that ben drowned was in the problems of the fishwife comic
wups (Guest) edit delete reply
[SUBJECT NAME HERE] (Guest) edit delete reply
LoZ 2014...