Comic 169 - Guest Comic: CidYoshi
25th Oct 2015, 3:00 PM
Guest Comic: CidYoshi
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
I love writing arcs but the problem is you can't really halt them when the holidays come around it's a little awkward to stop them to get in the season spirit. Thank the webcomic Gods for non-canon guest comics. Plus with that final part of FnaF4 coming out this Hallow's eve we're actually relevant.

Thanks to again to CidYoshi.
User comments:
Iamabrawler edit delete reply
Let's hope this group therapy doesn't also include every version of each animatronic, because the room will get kinda crowded.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
Dont worry though. Is only the ones of the original game. Guess which is who.
1412 edit delete reply
Foxy has the eyepatch .Bonnie is the lighter shade of purple, and Chica's the darker.
Meanwhile Golden Freddie is lurking ominously where you least expect him... THE COMMENT SECTION.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
And you have won a Frog Coin!!

Also, Golden Freddy is behind you.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
Oh my!! I got featured!! :D
So wel... I am not a fan of FNAF, but I still felt it needed a comic. I thought: what if the animatronics scare without wanting? Sounded fitting for the classic Lvl 30 style.

And I did it. And it SUCKS, heh heh. I GUESS is not terrible, but I could have done better. I have gotten better since then though.

Regardless, glad I helped giving you some breathing space. Hope I can help mpre in the future. Peace.
I before A except after K (Guest) edit delete reply
You're being far too hard on yourself Cid. What you have is fine, and fits in perfectly with the tone of this webcomic.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
Well, thanks a lot!! I really apreciate it. But dont worry about me. They say the mark of the artist is to say your stuff is lame.
But thanks for the love ^-^!!
DragonMaster77 edit delete reply
What she doesn't tell them is next week is a session with the Security Guards that these animatronics scared with there jumpscare tic
A Newbie youtuber (Guest) edit delete reply
I imagine Freddy as a russian kid...
Edu-Sun Trebor (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh crud. Now you got me picturing FNaF cast in TF2.
OshaliteX2 edit delete reply
Okay I didn't leave a comment before but now I will.
This comic is actually pretty good.
Don't beat yourself up, CidYoshi. You did a nice job.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
I'm REALLY flattered by yours and the other's concerns. I will clarify.
Sure, I said it sucked, but I'm not hitting myself with that. Is just something I didn't do great, but that inspires me to do better from there on.

Still, thanks for so much support. t does me good.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Wait, she's actually scared of FNaF jumpscares when she's seen real horror game characters up close?
Edu-Sun Trebor (Guest) edit delete reply
My guess is because it's the act of startling that does it?