Comic 136 - "Sorry to keep you waiting." Part 2
14th Dec 2014, 3:05 PM
"Sorry to keep you waiting." Part 2
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
We return to the Captain of the Guard and his epic mission. I can't imagine an amalgamation of game worlds would have an easy time sorting out the deity side of things. We got enough trouble in our world so imagine how confusing it would be to have to figure out which Zeus is which. On the plus side, it'll keep Kratos busy. Can you guess games the Aphrodite and Athena mentioned here are from?
GigaNerd17 edit delete
As a group, we'd like to apologize for the multiple delays in our upload schedule. Readjusting after 404's departure hasn't been easy... >_<;

On the plus side, another beautiful comic, DryKirby! I adore the chalk aesthetic. ^_^
TheMightyBox edit delete
Oh yeah, Awkward Zombie recently had crossover deity shenanigans as well.

That's right, I've got so little to say right now I'm gonna advertise someone else's comic.
DryKirby64 edit delete
I was actually a little bit inspired by Katie here, Box. I love her artstyle it's amazing and also the writing just go and check it out okay?

Anyway, onto the comic. Since the last comic had a few issues with visibility (and the blue filter of somesort) I decided to make this one orange-tinted, but still vibrant. I kept the blue outlines for consistency, but all the other colors are new.

Also, I put a lot of work into the backgrounds since I discovered a new brush that looks just like chalk and I love it. I kind of wish the background in panel 3 was more visible, though; it's a picture of Olympus in destruction. I put a lot of work into it, too!

Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, see the blockhead guy in Panel 6? The one from Tomodachi Life? I actually based their uniform off of an obscure NES game! Can you guess which game it is? Here's a hint, it's not actually related to pizza in any way. I guess the pizza place is a bit gimmicky.

So yeah, that should wrap things up. Not as much to say as last time. Sorry for taking so long again; this style is really difficult to pull of properly, but it's loads of fun. Next time it won't take so long, I promise!

Actually, wait, one last note: Palutena is missing her the golden thingies on her belt. That was intentional; it was meant to look like she lost them in the fight she got in. It's not yet another drawing error, I promise. OK desu ka?
User comments:
Luna Protege (Guest) edit delete reply
Not sure if the "force that can stop even gods bickering" is Kratos... or bureaucracy... or people getting impatient that you're holding up the line.

Its probably all of the above.
Darth Cloaked Guy edit delete reply
Maybe it's Kratos getting impatient from bureaucracy holding up the line.
Altoclarinetist (Guest) edit delete reply
I think it might be the mozzarella. Mozarella calms arguments.
Dar (Guest) edit delete reply
Is the Aphrodite from Smite? And this probably isn't it, but it would be funny if Athena came from this:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
You're right about Athena.
DryKirby64 edit delete reply
Okay, wow, I got really mixed up. I thought it was the King of Fighters Athena, but it turns out the script called for "a clump of purple hair" like the arcade Athena. I ended up skimming and coloring it pink. There's the drawing error for this comic.
Dar (Guest) edit delete reply
It's actually the same person.
I before A except after K (Guest) edit delete reply
This is the one thing that always bothers me about crossovers. I always end up thinking about the contradictions between the two universes until it gets to the point where I can only accept said crossover if they're explicitly traveling between said universes.
Zanreo edit delete reply
Haha, pizza is serious business. xD
TheSameCormorantofDOOM (Guest) edit delete reply
As lng as they don't order pineapple, it should be fine.
MisterM edit delete reply
Are you kidding? Pinapple on pizza is AWESOME!
Darius Drake (Guest) edit delete reply
This one's alot easier to make everything out than the last one like this. The lack of blue backgrounds does help. Of course, the "background" only being properly important in one panel (the last panel, due to the counter) helps too.
MisterM edit delete reply
I've honestly been reading Awkward Zombie since I was 10. Is that bad?
Venalitor (Guest) edit delete reply
Pretty sure you want "pantheon" not "Parthenon," but I may be missing something.
MisterM edit delete reply
Goshdangit MightyBox. You made BitForumers migrate to the AZ Forums. You MONSTER!
tuypo1 edit delete reply
i would think the difrent versions of the same deity would sort of merge together into 1 becoming a bit of an amalgimation

i do hope to see more deity based strips though not so much for the aformentined interaction between difrent versions of the same deity as interaction between difrent deitys ive been working with tabletop deitys so much lately it will be nice to have a look at what videogames have done

oh come to think of it did planescape torment or baulders gate have deitys in them
LakeSuperior (Guest) edit delete reply
Anybody recall what Silver said about the future in Comic 26? He mentioned angry gods. Could this be what he was referring to?

Bum bum bummmmmm.
Alphaghoul (Guest) edit delete reply
But wait, I thought she was Athena.