Comic 131 - Brawl in the Tribute
27th Oct 2014, 10:15 AM
Brawl in the Tribute
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Brawl in the Family recently came to an end. It was one of the inspirations for me taking up webcomic-ry for showing me you could do game humor with the characters themselves and you didn't need to swear up a storm to make it funny. It's also where I met GigaNerd17 who agreed to take my chicken scratch and make it presentable, TheMightyBox who made the colors pretty and DryKirby64 who agreed to pinch hit. (Maybe when I do a tribute to the comment section here FourOfFour will get a mention)

With that in mind, here's our tribute, specifically to the early "Kirby Eats Something" ones. If you don't know what Brawl in the Family is, click here and start binge-ing.
TheMightyBox edit delete
Why do Gardevoir's notes always include a Triforce?
Does Roll import Hylian stationary?
GigaNerd17 edit delete
Sorry to break into meta, Box, but I brought back the Triforce diagram gag in honor of Matthew Taranto's username on the BitForums. (TriforceBun)

As far as I'm concerned, six is a perfect number to end a series on. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ran for six seasons, Space Quest had six hilarious iterations, and Brawl in the Family blessed us with 600 comics. It's the number which leaves you a wealth of content to enjoy without having to jump the shark. But heaven knows I'll miss our old stomping grounds...

Here's to carrying on the legacy Matthew left us.
DryKirby64 edit delete
BitF was always my favorite comic. As mentioned, we all met on the forums (I got banned for rampant stupidity). I'm sad, yet happy to see it go, and it certainly ended on a high note. Seeing this tribute comic was a pleasant surprise and really brings me back.

Remember that even though BitF has ended, you can still support Matthew Taranto's other works - Tadpole Treble, his unique music-themed game, is still accepting PayPal donations last I heard and it's coming out for PC and Wii U in the near future. He also does comics for the monthly Nintendo Force magazine, the successor to Nintendo Power.

Thanks for six great years, Matt.
User comments:
Iamabrawler edit delete reply
Adorable Gardevoir Kirby.
Adorable Glasses Gardevoir Kirby, too.

Poor Dr. Gardevoir.

Great mimic of Matthew Taranto's early style, too!
GardeBlaze (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm a long time reader of Brawl in the Family myself. I was sad to see it go, but I guess all good things must come to and end eventually.
You all did a good job of mimicking the style of the early comics, and the good old Kirby eats something humor. Gardevoir Kirby looks pretty cool too, but I'm sure that Gardevoir herself would like to forget this incident.
Keep up the awesome work guys. :)
Koopario (Guest) edit delete reply
MisterM edit delete reply
Redandgreen43 (Guest) edit delete reply
This comic makes me a little sad inside... I know this isn't the spot to get wishy-washy about some things, but it's tributes like this that make me go "I remember that!" or "Oh, that was a great memory!" I'm gonna miss it. But at least we still have the podcasts to look forward to. Until I find a new comic that can match the decency of BiTF, I'm gonna be following this comfy little comic right here, because it feels like home. Like I never even left. So thanks for listening to my ramblings, but I should stop before I shed tears...
TheMightyBox edit delete reply
In terms of comics similar to BitF both in style and consistent decency, Awkward Zombie and Manly Guys Doing Manly Things is a good place to start.
Though while AZ focuses a lot on some Nintendo titles, especially Smash, it does reference pretty much all types of video games.
And MGDMT references video games but the main characters are all original.
RazorD9 edit delete reply
Brawl had a good run. Still bummed but still great. Speaking of great, this is indeed a great tribute.
knite (Guest) edit delete reply
Is it ironic that Bitf ended just before the new smash bros came out?
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
No, it was by design. And I don't think ironic is the word you're looking for.

It's kinda odd that both my old stomping grounds of Official Nintendo Magazine and Brawl in the Family ended on the note of Smash 3DS.
AwesomeAndo (Guest) edit delete reply
Ah, BitF, my first and all time favorite web comic! Though I'm sad to see it go, it ended on a good mark. I love this little tribute comic you made. Also, I found this comic because of BitF forums! Yay!
Planetbox (Guest) edit delete reply
This is just brilliant! I was really hoping you would make a tribute like this, and you nailed it perfectly!
LooeyQ edit delete reply
Happy Halloween! I wonder what Kirbys breath smells like?
LooeyQ edit delete reply
Happy Halloween! I wonder what Kirbys breath smells like?
Hurricane edit delete reply
I need a profile picture. Can any of you draw me a cool picture of Roll? :) I don't have a good system to crop on...
DryKirby64 edit delete reply
Here, I just took the stock art of Roll and put a gradient background on it:

Just right-click it and hit "Save as...", save it to your computer, and then upload it under "Change Your Avatar" in Account Settings.
Hurricane edit delete reply
ElisaSky (Guest) edit delete reply
I wonder if one day you're gonna take on the Touhou cast... These girls have... Issues. Who stuffs dolls full of gunpower, like Alice Margatroid did?
KentClark edit delete reply
Kirby at panel 3 looks sooo cute! <3
Btw, I'm a long time reader of your comic. Only now have I made an account. Instant-subscribe for you guys! Keep up the good work. :-)
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
Appreciate it.
Linebyline (Guest) edit delete reply
I love the doctor's expressions in this one. It's also neat how quickly Kirby rebounds from his unfortunate experience with Glasses Gardevoir Kirby. It really fits the character's upbeat nature, especially as Taranto portrayed him.

Sad as I am about BitF, if it hadn't been for the cancellation announcement and ensuing forum thread, I never would have discovered this comic. So, silver lining, I guess.
Eevee9 (Guest) edit delete reply
GG saves Dr.G!
Frogmoss10 (Guest) edit delete reply
The characters page mentions how Glasses Gardevoir may or may not be Gardevoir's alter ego. If she is, then Kirby would have a similar split personality condition, and seeing as copy abilities don't affect Kirby's... emotions and beliefs, for a lack of better terms, one of two things must be true:

A: Kirby has an incredibly intelligent, questioning side (which... it's kirby. No.)

B: Glasses Gardevoir is not actually an alter ego.

It's a bit sketchy due to a lack of info about the copy happening, but to me, this confirms B. If true, then GG showed itself to kirby to try and save face, only to ruin it's own cover.