Comic 130 - Malpractice Makes Imperfect: Of a Bad Bunch
16th Oct 2014, 2:00 PM
Malpractice Makes Imperfect: Of a Bad Bunch
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Well now we have a surgeon and this little story has drawn to a close. Looks like Wilco found his silver lining.

More beginnings and returns. The UK's Official Nintendo Magazine (equivalent to Nintendo Power) just published it's last issue and will shut it's site down in the coming months. I got a ot of support there from my early days so if any of you found this comic from there, we can share our pain.

On returns, it looks like Mario got his medical licence back. Will we find out how? Stay tuned. And Once Stung has resumed updating now that the tablet troubles are taken care of.
DryKirby64 edit delete
Poor Doctor Mario. After (most likely illegitimately) obtaining his medical license, entering combat, and subsequently losing said (illegitimate) license, he's reduced to sweeping the floors in a minor cameo. Even his good-for-nothing twin brother is a more successful doctor than him! Maybe he should just stick to being a plumber/hero/athlete/kart-racer/referee/chef/party host/painter/demolition worker/carpenter...
TheMightyBox edit delete
DryKirby64 edit delete
Fun fact: You can pretty clearly see that the paper Roll's reading here is marked with "MM" and a gear. I hadn't realized the hospital's name is a major plot point, but consider it foreshadowing or something.
User comments:
GardeBlaze (Guest) edit delete reply
Well at least Wilco is in better health now even after all that he just went through. As for Roll, I find it amusing that she apparently has different backups for different things. I guess that's one advantage of being a robot.
Koopario edit delete reply
DANG guys. At least the SANE one felt guilty about killing Wilco. Granted, 1-ups are a cheap way to revive someone, but come on.
Well at least she knows more than one revive technique: Shock Revive (which even got Wilco a new skin PLUS clothes, no less) and the more common one, "Use a 1-up Mushroom and Wait for the Patient to Revive."
Sadly I only know the latter.
Cubase (Guest) edit delete reply
I thought her name was Valentine, not Valerie. welp
DryKirby64 edit delete reply
Valerie Valentine, I guess.
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
Valerie is her real name while Valentine was her code-name that she used as part of Last hope. All the other members had holiday based Code names too. Then the Skullgirl happened and they're dead.
Iamabrawler edit delete reply
"If you make me look like Nic"... Nic Cage?
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Why of corse! He is jhonny cage, after al.
DragonMaster77 edit delete reply
So out of all of them only two remained but looks like the Skullgirl is here to say, sorry loser you stuck as occational cameo guest in the background as the prize for 2nd place. No hard feelings.
Dead Falling (Guest) edit delete reply
I guess Kano's plan worked out well now that Johnny Cage needs his face to be fixed.
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
Yep. If Kano has a new shove-their-heart-up-their-nose fatality in MKX we know where he learnt it.
Darius Drake (Guest) edit delete reply
What's Dr Mario doing in the background? Is he a GP who's working there?
DryKirby64 edit delete reply
He's just-a sweepin' da floor. What's-a wrong with-a guy getting-a little manual labor in, am I right? He was-a plumber, ya know. Ha ha ha! I'm-a so funny.
Magic_beefy edit delete reply
You know with Roger's normal luck in this series, he's very lucky he came out on top

of course if the Doktor (TF2 Doctor) had brought Archimedes with him...
Someone (Guest) edit delete reply
Why don't you make a MMO character show up claiming he has "Identity Problems"?

Too easy a joke?
Guybrush20X6 edit delete reply
You mean alt accounts?

Not a bad joke but I'd need to get ti to work in six panels and not clash with the 'verse.
That someone (Guest) edit delete reply
No, think about it. Every single PC in an MMO, atleast during single-player questing, is essentially treated as the same person.

"Am I really a Paladin? What if I'm actually a mage? or a rogue? What if I'm really an Orc?"
Serialkillerwhale edit delete reply
I'm that guest someone. To be honest, the point really hit me when I was playing during the start of an expansion, with roughly 100-50 players doing the same quest and everyone talking to each of us as if we're the same person.

That'd damage one's psyche I'd imagine.
AwesomeAndo (Guest) edit delete reply
Haha, seems like Mario got his licence back! Interesting to see him again in Smash Bros.
Spark the Rotom (Guest) edit delete reply
Nigel is jealous.
Redandgreen43 (Guest) edit delete reply
It hurts me a little bit how Dr. Mario is a janitor in this. But considering how the guy just kinda threw on a doctor's coat and started shoving pills down a guy's mouth, he probably wouldn't be too qualified, anyway.
Rey (Guest) edit delete reply
Stiles just looks peeved.
Reshiram (Guest) edit delete reply
And Derek don't you already have a job at the hospital thats a few miles down the road called Caduceus, if i was you,i would go back before Angie finds out and gets mad like when a certain someone offered you a job a Acropolis Pharmacy *yes that happened in Under the Knife 2 if anyone was wondering*