Comic 121 - The Vicious Cycle of Espurr (Read Clockwise)
8th Jul 2014, 2:05 PM
The Vicious Cycle of Espurr (Read Clockwise)
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
This has not been a good week for me. After searching for a week of my WiiU's proof of purchase I sent it to Nintendo to fix a software problem. It comes back with ALL OF MY DATA GONE. All my Smash Bros data, all my Pokemon in Pokemon Ranch, that complete run of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, all of it. They may as well have given me a coupon for a new WiiU while chopping up the old one with a hatchet right in front of me. And after the guy on the phone assured me they'd back it up.

Unlike other comics, I can't directly put my angst into the comic (pro-tip: if all the women in a webcomic suddenly start dying, the creator is not taking a break-up well) because A. I don't draw it myself and B. there be backlogs in these parts. So I assure you it was a complete co-incidence that this week was one where the character dies over and over unaware that anything is wrong... and that it was a complicated one to do so it took Giga ages and made him and the rest of you suffer as well.
GigaNerd17 edit delete
As a result of all the bullcrap that happens around the comic office, Espurr has become agony incarnate. Sorry for the lateness, guys, and RIP Guybrush's happiness.

Reminds me of the time my GameCube memory card corrupted. Let me tell you, 'twas one of the worst moments in my life. Animal Crossing, Kirby Air Ride, Melee, Amazing Island, Wind Waker, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Sonic Heroes, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, probably more I can't even remember anymore... all gone.

But by far the hardest to lose was Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. I had traded over my beloved starter, Swampert, the first and only Pokémon I ever raised to Level 100, to complete that game's final challenge. Oh, the horror! It still brings me to the brink of tears. She died that day, and I wept. Still miss her...

TheMightyBox edit delete
I guess that just makes this week,
objectively and uniformly shitty.

I do like how I took what is a relatively simple strip and made it INCREDIBLY complicated.
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Sorry the next comic is late. People were on holiday when we didn't expect them to be. But I am laughing my tuch off here over the new Smash Trailer. Five seconds after it ends every single Smash website is down. I can only imagine the rage of people who had a lotta stock in that infamous leak. We got Captain Douglas J. Falcon back and that's all that matters.
User comments:
Swagner edit delete reply
Ugh, that happened to me on my wii as well! Honestly, I wish that you could back up your saves (the 3ds lets you, but only if it's a game you don't care about)
Iamabrawler edit delete reply
I know the feeling. Three hundred hours of my life wasted on a Pokémon HeartGold cartridge that bugged as I was close to having all the Pokémon.

From what I read, all the saddest save file deletion stories seem to be about Pokémon games. Figures.

Oh, right! Commenting the page! This day will forever be known around the hospital as "The Day Wilco Used Almost All The 1-Up Mushrooms By Himself". Let's hope he finally understands before they run out of mushrooms. Or let's hope the Espurr will RUN AWAY instead of staying around Wilco's dead remains!

Another thing: Is it just me or the attack in the rightmost panel reminds of Tabuu and his wings? (Come to think of it, would be funny yo see Tabuu in LV30PSY someday.)
MyNameIsNull edit delete reply
My loss was not severe as yours, but my first Pokemon was lost to my cousin. I allowed him to borrow my Typhlosion, for his Elite 4 battle, (I also lended a Dragonite) but then his little sister "accidentally" deleted his game. But I do have my first Pokemon's two sons on that same Heartgold game.
I before A except after K (Guest) edit delete reply
For maximum effect, read this strip while listening to this song:
KathiraNarae (Guest) edit delete reply
Gah, reminds me of that one time I completely forgot that, if you downloaded a game, you can't have another save of it by redownloading onto another memory card. I'd shifted my beloved White version Zekrom through White 2 and onto X...only to lose him when my stupidity lost me my X save. *sob* Zookiiiieeeee...
ZephyrCrobat edit delete reply
The sorrow of a corrupted Gamecube memory card. I know that feel, bro. All my hard work, gone.

Excuse me, I need to cry a little.
Darius Drake (Guest) edit delete reply
It's not exactly the same, but your plight does remind me of my PS3. The disk reader died, so it couldn't read my games anymore. So I got a new one. Only, there's only two ways to transfer the information between them.

1. Use an Online Service to save the data and copy it down. Problem - I don't connect my PS3 to the internet.
2. Use an ethernet cable to link the two PS3's together, and transfer the information between them. Problem 1 - The ethernet cable I got doesn't seem to work on my PS3's and I don't know why not. Problem 2 - If this is actually ATTEMPTED (I didn't, by the way), and it DOESN'T WORK, for whatever reason, then the information is lost forever. Period.

So while my problem's minor compared to yours, I understand a bit of your pain.
NXTangl (Guest) edit delete reply
Altoclarinetist edit delete reply
Our poor gamecube memory card got crushed just this week. Lost the F-Zero data, the Smash Bros unlocked characters, the Double Dash data... Sigh.
TheMightyBox edit delete reply
All this lost memory talk reminded me:

N (Guest) edit delete reply
I only ever lost my saves once, and that was because I accidentally kick- err, I mean we used a third party memory card. Good thing it wasn't my main one (I have too many games...)
Anyways, if I have an idea for a comic, where can I submit it? I would do it myself, but my "art" is really terrible, and its perfect for level 30 psychiatry (I'm surprised it hasn't been made yet).
ZephyrCrobat edit delete reply
Wait a minute. If the alt. text mentions a song from the Raving Rabbids series, would this mean the Rabbids are invading the hospital?

If not, then I hope it happens soon.
Codebracker (Guest) edit delete reply
Not the Smash bros data!

I'm so happy I have a 3ds and a Wiiu, now I can buy SSB4 twice! :P
Polaris (Guest) edit delete reply
I can't believe no one said anything, but I'm sorry about the bad week you had and I hope you all feel a little better now! D:

Gardevoir is my favorite Pokémon, and as such I really love reading your comic. Keep up the good work, but do remember to take a holiday if you're all having another terrible week and just upload a few days or a week later! The internet can wait while things settle down. I don't like seeing you all in such a bad mood. :<

Hope you have a good day and such. :3
Eevee9 (Guest) edit delete reply
Holy crap, I recognize Espurr! I didn't realize it was a pokemon until I got Pokemon X! I have read this comic 3 times before, and I never guessed it was a pokemon! Funnily enough, it's one of my favorites.
Therazan edit delete reply
With a hundred coins per mushroom, it must take a lot of the budget.