Comic 100 - Triple Digits
29th Jan 2014, 6:57 PM
Triple Digits
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Author Notes:
TheMightyBox edit delete
Sorry it took so long, but here's our big celabratory 100th comic.
A look back at all the times we shared with characters proportional in size to how often they appeared.

On a side note, I was hoping to give the characters a fresh coat of paint as it were, and this was the perfect excuse, so everyone here got some small tweaks as far as their colors go.
I'm really happy about it.
Most people probably won't notice though.
GigaNerd17 edit delete
I likewise had the chance to redesign the characters a bit. White Mage and Roger in particular have been revamped.

Goodness gracious, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR STICKING AROUND FOR 100 WEEKS OF LEVEL 30 PSYCHIATRY!!!" None of us had ever imagined that we would get this far. Thank you so much for your support and patience throughout all of this! (And if you really love us, make an account and subscribe so we can prove to everyone else that you love us! ;))

Anyways, I need to take a break. Four days non-stop making hi-definition character portraits really took it out of me. See you guys in a week and a half! XD
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Wow, 100 comics. I can't believe that I idea I had became anything more than a daydream when I was supposed to be studying.

I'd like to thank the following:
Gamerman14, Dry~Kirby64, Blitzpulse, ChaosKiwi, Comic Or Die, Dark Aura, TanteiSakana, Marlee-The-Creator, Fergzilla, DarkAura (again), Victory-Prime and LeRenardRoux for making guest comics and keeping our weekly schedule (mostly) uninterupted; all the IP owners for not suing me; that one guy who raised a ruckus on that board and unintentionally gave us our highest daily traffic ever; the people of the Brawl in the Family Boards for enjoying and supporting the early comic scripts; GigaNerd, TheMightyBox and FourOfFour for all the time and effort they put into this; and to everyone who subscribed, left a comment or just read it.
And nuts to those guys that down-voted the entire comic archive and to those that unsubscribed.

And by coincidence, it'sa mah birthday. *yay*
User comments:
Headgamer edit delete reply
Barreytor edit delete reply
Why do characters have CF accounts?
I'm asking because I was just checking the comic profile to see how many subscribers did this have (lots), and noticed that.
And also, congrats on the first hundred!
Black Mage edit delete reply
Black Mage
I could ask you the same thing. Why do people have CF accounts, hmm?
Barreytor edit delete reply
So you don't know why you have an account then.
TheMightyBox edit delete reply
Do any of us truly know?
Barreytor edit delete reply
Yes, otherwise the question would be pointless. I think.
TheMightyBox edit delete reply
Then I would think the reasoning kinda boils down to, cause it's funny.
But don't quote me on that, even I am not fully aware of the writer's mysterious motives.
Barreytor edit delete reply
Once I thought of getting a CF account for a character of mine, but I decided against it because it would be annoying.
And I can just have modified quotes, that way I can just spoiler it all when it devolves into nonsense.
Hero'sBlade (Guest) edit delete reply
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
Blame it on the boogie.
Koopario (Guest) edit delete reply
Shadow99611 edit delete reply
I actually like this depiction, because not only does it show your main characters, it also looks like an accurate depiction of their appearances, so the data that you've placed is creating the picture more than the picture itself! (if that makes any sense)

I could be wrong though, you might just peacemealed the images inside so they look that way, but even so, awesome work! I look forward to another great 100!
Grit edit delete reply
Wow that was worth the wait! :D
Congrats on the 100 and happy birthday Guybrush
EeveE (Guest) edit delete reply
audino is best character
Star1412 edit delete reply
Happy birthday Guybrush!
I love this update! It looks really nice!
MizuNoRyuu edit delete reply
Happy Birthday GuyBrush!

And congrats on the 100th comic! Keep going!

*An waves flags of support for you guys*
GoogleIt edit delete reply
Who is that lonely looking guy behind gardevior?...
TheMightyBox edit delete reply
spycrab king edit delete reply
spycrab king
he cameo'd in a few comics
and I'm sad I was'nt here when it was posted
GoogleIt edit delete reply
Giga Nerd, why did you change your file picture?(Or whatever it's called) I liked the old one better and this one is just kind of creepy...
GigaNerd17 edit delete reply
It's an inside joke from the ComicFury chatroom. Plus, it doubles nicely as a Valentine's Day avatar. ;P
Dar (Guest) edit delete reply
You know, we should be thanking you for 100 comics.
Rvan edit delete reply
Glasses Gardevoir almost looks... malevolent in that picture. Like she's scheming something.
Are we sure she's a hallucination?