Deleted Scenes (Of Sorts)
by Guybrush20X6

Over the years (holy crap, I can use that phase sincerely) there's been a few scripts that will never be made into full comics. Either the original joke wasn't funny or that outside circumstances prevented it. Here's a selection of unused scripts and the reason why.


Panel 1: {Chansey and Audino on the break room couch watching TV}

                TV: -and in Motorsport news-

                Chansey: That’s not sport.

                TV: The Mushroom Kingdom’s 7th Mario Kart tournament was cancelled due to poor weather.

Panel 2: {The TV shows Luigi’s kart getting blown away in a storm with Luigi clinging on for dear life.}

                TV: Early reports place the blame on the newly added gliders getting caught in high winds and carrying the helpless drivers miles off course.

Panel 3: Audino: So that’s why Luigi’s hang gliding accident looked more like a car wreck.

                Chansey: Hang gliding Go-Karts? Is the Mushroom Kingdom in the early 90s or something, trying to make Go-Karting “extreme”?

Panel 4: {TV shows Toads with torches and pitchforks marching down the streets}

                TV: Due to the sport’s popularity riots broke out in Toad Town in anger at the cancellation...

Panel 5: {The same Toads being blown into the sky}

                TV: ...which were quickly quelled when the rioters were carried off by said high winds. Meteorologists caution that if you see little mushroom people fall from the sky, you are not                tripping and should contact the emergency services.

Panel 6: {Roll enters with a fireman trampoline}

                Roll: I need you two to stand with this outside double time. No time to explain.

                Audino: Gymnastics class?

                Chansey: Guess again.

This script was canned due to the unfortunate timing of hurricane Sandy and it seemed insensitive to put it up. Plus Mario Kart 8 (or infinity sign) is coming soon so there'll be somethign for that.


2. Wii all Scream

Panel 1: {Peach pokes in through a door}

                Peach: Another girl got into Smash Bros!

                Zelda: Dixie Kong? Krystal? Palutena? Couldn’t be Bayonetta?

Panel 2: {Peach brings in a Mannequin looking like the Wii fit instructor, she holding it in such a way that it’s clear it’s inanimate}

                Peach: My fitness instructor!

                Zelda: Er... That’s a mannequin.

Panel 3: {Peach moves the arm awkwardly as if to make it do karate chops, it squeaks}

                Peach: Don’t let the blank face fool you. She’s such a fitness freak she makes Captain Falcon look out of shape.

Panel 4: Zelda: Look, if you want a four girl free-for-all that bad we’ll just call Jigglypuff or Marth.              Next best thing, right?

Panel 5: {The arm has fallen off, Zelda starts dialling on a mobile}

                Peach: No way, once she gets out there, she’ll kick your butt! Just let me screw her arm back     on...

Panel 6: {Gardevoir answers her Pokegear}

                Gardevoir: Ok Zelda, you did the right thing calling me.

This script was rejected because A. there were more jokes from a live Wii Fit Trainer and B. Rosalina's appearance in Smash 4 ruined the joke. 


3. The Original Punchline of Devil May Dye

Panel 6: {Dante is on the couch, Gardevoir and Trish both not amused}

                Dante: I’m not sure if I’m still in limbo Trish so tell me, can you see an endless white void of a room and a pale nose-less woman with red horns growing out her chest and green hair?

In the end it was funnier to have the new Dante actually appear. On a side note I'm glad Trish has no strong counterpart in the new dmc so I didn't have to rewrite it when the game released.


4. Game Movies

Panel 1: {Ratchet and Clank hi-five}

                Ratchet & Clank: YES! We’ve got a movie!

Panel 2: {Mario puts his hands on Ratchet’s shoulder}

                Mario: I’m-a so sorry. Is it at least an anime movie?


Panel 3: Mario: You joking? First they INSERT LONG RAMBLE ABOUT BAD VG MOVES HERE

Panel 4: {Guile and Chun-li enter}

                Guile: The worst part is when they’re quotable so the internet never lets you forget them!

                Ratchet: Yeah, we’re gonna leave before anymore party poopers show up.

Panel 5: Chun-li: Hey, at least those movies had camp value. Mine recast me as a pianist!

Panel 6: Ratchet: I just hope I heard that right.

                Narikio: Maybe I’ll come back with my news later.


This one just didn't really fit with any setting in Light City with random characters popping up. And the problem with making characters ramble is that I have to find a way to squeeze it in there. I may rework it depending on how the R&C and Heavenly Sword movies do. That has group therapy written all over it.

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